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Encorsa Lab

In Encorsa we are also making constant research on the last cutting-edge technologies in order to build innovative products for niche businesses. Currently we may list following directions:

  • Augmented Reality (AR) - We see the world like a place covered with many informational layers, each of them being able to underline a point of view, to filter what's most important for you. Through AR we are reinventing Art, an art expressed using a technological approach;

  • Machine Learning (ML) - Like never before, this technology achieved a tipping point where Data is the new religion. We are working on a several prototypes for creating new digital services based on power of ML;

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - Robots are here to stay. Automating the tasks performed previously by humans will open the door for the latter to creativity and really meaningful jobs. We are focusing right now to Quality Reporting, Service Order Management, Claims Processing, System Reconciliation and other key processes that will deliver instantly more productivity to the client's business.

  • Chatbots & AI (Artificial Intelligence) - Based on no-code platforms we are developing natural and rich interactions between humans (employees, customers, parteners) and machines (any enterprise app like ERPs, CRMs, RPA etc.). Like this we will be able to "talk" with our systems as having cognitive and conversational skills.